6 Sleep Styles: Can Yours Reveal Your Personality?


Shhhhh….. It’s Sleepy Time… How Do You Sleep?

You’d be amazed: the way you sleep really can tell you more than you think. That’s assuming you get to sleep, once you’re done chilling with your friends, family, or significant other, or hey, your cat… watching your shows, texting, and settling down for the night!

Sure, it’s subconscious. Nobody picks how they sleep on purpose. But that’s exactly why it can tell you so much about yourself. We think this is super accurate, share with your friends and family if you agree!

6. Rockabye Baby: The Fetal Position

This is the most popular position. Do you sleep like this?
Sleeper is lying on side, with legs curled up.

What does it say about you? According to sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, PhD, 41% sleep like this. So you’re not alone!

You are: Tough on the outside, but super sensitive and shy on the inside. Do you worry too much, or overthink problems? So does 41% of the population. You’ll be okay.

5. Ten-Hut! The Soldier

Sleeper is flat on back, with arms lying straight down at their sides.

You’re probably: Strong and level-headed, you enjoy structure. You also take life pretty seriously. Do you have high expectations for yourself? Do you expect a lot from the people around you, too? You just might be the Soldier Sleeper type. Soldier Sleepers also tend to snore.

4. Rare: The Starfish

Sleeper lies on back, arms behind or near their head. Legs are stretched out.

What does it say about you? This is a pretty unusual sleep position: go ahead, feel special!

You are: A loyal friend. You see friendship as a major priority in your life. Do you love listening to other people’s problems? Do you love offering to help, whenever you can? I wish I knew more Starfish Sleepers, most of us could use a friend like that!

3. Let It Go: The Freefaller

Sleeper lies on stomach, arms wrapped around a pillow, head to the side.

You are: Probably very bubbly and playful. You might also be super blunt and maybe a little too honest? Although a Freefaller will seem like a free spirit, you are somewhat of a control freak on the inside. You can be very sensitive to criticism. You also tend to be a big risk-taker. Just a guess, you might be the type to try parachuting or extreme sports while on vacation!

2. Hold Me Now: The Yearner

Sleeper lies on side, with arms stretched out in front of them.

You can be: Very inviting, very open about your life. You can also be suspicious and rather pessimistic. You’re very slow to make decisions, but once you’ve decided? You’re sticking with it to the end!

1. You Sleep Like a …Log?

Sleeper lies on side, with arms straight down by their side, legs extended.
The second most popular position!

You are: Definitely not as tensed-up as your sleep position looks. The Log Sleeper is usually a very outgoing and social person, the typical social butterfly! They love talking to every type of person, and can be quite trusting. But, others can consider them gullible because of their trusting ways.


All images via Maya Borenstein of LittleThings


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