The Return of the Shockingly Bad Wedding Dresses!

Source: TLC

For the bride, her Wedding Day is meant to be the most special and memorable events of her life. Where on the day, all around her will swoon at her beauty. Where in the future, all will remind her that she was once a princess. Even if it was just for a day. Sadly, some brides get it really, really wrong and end up in some of the ugliest monstrosities that dare to call themselves wedding dresses. Ladies and Gentlemen…I bring you…The RETURN  of the Wedding Dress SHOCKERS!!!

1. Biology on the Outside!

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed

Believe it or not this is a designer dress. Yes you heard it, it’s a designer dress. No wonder the celebrities are getting it wrong along with everyone else in this article. What were they thinking?