The Pimp, The Granny & The Wise Dogs, DON’T MISS These Instagrammers!


If you’re looking for a little Instagram distraction, away from the sometimes hmmm boring world of the usual celeb train wreck, then look no further. We’ve searched from the darkest corners of the web, to the fluffy side. Here are our fizziest Instagramers. Look away now… this could be addictive!

8. baddiewinkle 1.1m followers

it’s my 87th birthday bishhhhh 💖

A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on


Meet baddiewinkle who’s been ‘Stealing your man since 1928’. This fabulous granny dons herself out, in tie-dye skimpy bikinis, baring her flesh whilst hanging out with celebs. You’ll blush, laugh, and pee yourself all at the same time whilst following her. Baddiewinkle, has even been plastered on billboards at Coachella. Instead of pushing a zimmer-frame, she’s pushing an outstanding 1.1m followers.


7. digbyvanwinkle 299k followers

When your bow tie is dapper AF.

A photo posted by Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle (@digbyvanwinkle) on


Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle are two Brussels Griffons living in Wellington, New Zealand. They are like miniature wise Buddas, but trendy ones. Their carefully run website offers advice to fellow barkers, fixing the world with one bone at a time. It’s hard not to fall in love with these two.  

6. passengershaming 294k followers



Ever sat on a flight and smelt a body scent and realising eurgh, it’s not your own, as you look behind you, you see a foot resting on your armrest. You’re dying to say, “Er hiiiiii I can see your foot” but you suffer in silence. Most people would like to forget moments like these, others well, they’d like to shame you. Enjoy this cringe-worthy page of epic travel fails. Pass the sick bucket… or sick bag!

5. mrpimpgoodgame 196k followers


“Because it’s a good day to be a pimp” so he says. All rise for the ‘King of the Selfie’, he’s so good at it that he’s only got one pose, just one. He smirks a friendly smile with his shiny bald head, which sort of says ‘be my friend’. With 196k followers he’s got more than friends, more like a shiny bald cult.

4. whymykidwascrying 165k followers

OMG IDK WHether I SHOULD CONSIDER THIS CUTE OR PAINFUL OR DANGEROUS LOL A photo posted by @whymykidwascrying on



Let’s face it, kids are downright hilarious without even knowing it, witness all these tantrums and meltdowns right here…

3. thefatjewish 5.5m followers

Is being on a yacht filled with fresh fruit worth seeing a tan old weird looking European dick? Probably.

A photo posted by thefatjewish (@thefatjewish) on


‘You can’t get an STD if you never get tested’. Josh Ostrovsky, also known as “The Fat Jewish” is pushing boundaries, with his hilarious captioned photos of morphed celebs, animals or just about anything. Ridiculously inappropriate, and geniusly funny, while staying true to his Jewish roots! We love this one…

2. peejet 227K followers

Selfie. A photo posted by Peeje (@peejet) on



This clever chap, take’s photoshopping to a whole new level. He magically morphs himself into images with celebrities. He’s pretty damn good at it too, if you can’t beat em, join em, well using a bit of photo trickery.

1. miserable_men 184K followers


Ever popped out of the changing room, and noticed all the glum looking men usually sitting on a sofa waiting for someone. All red faced and noticeably irritated, wanting to be anywhere else but here. Enjoy this miserable place for miserable men.

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