Shocking News: Celebrities are Human After All!

Source: huffingtonpost & eonline

Celebrities can seem so perfect that we think they’re super human but actually, some of them are just like the rest of us! We reveal this shocking news showing our Fizzdot readers what some of our most famous celebs look like without all the makeup, glitz and glam so that you can see that they’re human after all.

1. Khloe Kardashian

It’s amazing how different celebs look without makeup especially Khloe Kardashian! We barely recognize her here.

Source: buzzfeed & newsgossiper
Source: buzzfeed & newsgossiper

Khole is known for constantly changing her looks but I don’t think she ever bargained on getting papped looking quite so terrible! Here at Fizzdot we just think it makes her more human. I mean we’ve all had bad hair days and “OMG is that what I really look like” days. It’s kind of good to know that people with an entourage as large as Khloe’s can also have an off day. Plus look how well she scrubs up!

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