Selfies That Make You LOL

Source: Funnypicture

The web is just littered with selfies these days of perfectly posed and often photo-shopped images. But surely those bad photos still exist, right? Surely those stupid moments are still captured on camera? Of course they are and the best bit…At the time, those posting the selfies think they look pretty damn hot. Here’s our pick of the best selfie fails so far.

1.  Action Girl

Check out this girl re-creating a real life action shot and taking a massive leap into the unknown water below. Plus she still found time to get a selfie!

waterfall selfie
Source: Pinterest

This selfie gets points for the action shot and the great fall into the water below. This girl took some real balls to make the jump and capture it on camera. We love it when a selfie is really random! There are moments in your life where you are like, “OMG I wish I had my camera” because it never sounds as impressive when you just tell the story. This is totally one of those moments that is truly selfie worthy and we at Fizzdot are full of respect girl!

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