Rio 2016 Olympic Guide: What’s Hot and Who’s Who

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It’s 2016 and summer is approaching along with the much-anticipated round of the Olympics, this year to be held in Rio de Janeiro. August 5th launches the beginning of the 17-days of summer games and subsequent Paralympics. The city will see 135 nations competing in 306 events across 42 sports in 34 venues. This Olympics is set to be one of the most exciting yet.

37.6 billion Brazilian Real has been sunk into improvements to prepare for the Olympics, including significant developments to the public transport system. By the start of the games in August Brazil is set to have an underground and overground rail service, trams and buses as well as improved roads much akin to London’s famous public transport network. The world is sure to look on in awe at the 2016 Games whether they have tickets to any of the events, whether they are in Brazil or whether they are watching from afar.

Hot Stars To See

Michael Phelps Swimming (USA

Source: baltimoresun
Source: baltimoresun

Michael had to pull out of 2015 USA Swimming Championships in 2015 but he’s come back strong. He’s made the fastest times at the US nationals and won the fastest time in the world in this year’s 200 individual medley.

Natasha Hastings I Sprinting (USA)

Source: Latinexclusive
Source: Latinexclusive

She won her first Gold Medal in Beijing 2008 at the age of 22 and is now set to take Rio by storm for Team USA! Watch out for her in the Women’s 400 meters and follow her to the end of her quest to take the gold medal in Rio 2016. Here’s cheering for you, Natasha!

Hot Events To Catch

Rugby Sevens

In the lead up to the Olympics Rugby Sevens one of the new events to be held at Rio 2016 is one to watch, especially the women’s. In the lead up the women’s teams of Brazil and Columbia are hot favorites.

200 Meters (Men’s)

as long as Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is around, the 200 meters will be the event of the year. Six-time Olympic champion, Usain Bolt began preparing for Rio 2016 four years ago and proves he really is the one to beat. The other competitors are likely to be shaking in their boots especially as he plans to go under the 19 second mark in the 200 meters and set a new World Record!

Source: CNN
Source: CNN

Team USA

Team USA is predicted to come out with the most medals according to the summer games virtual medal table with a whopping 92 medals! Several new sports are being added this year, including the great American pastime, Golf alongside the old favorites. So what can we expect from America’s best?

Olympic Golf

This year, there will be two golfing competitions, one for men and one for women each with 60 players playing for the chance of a medal in a 72-hold stroke play format competition. Only 4 players per country are able to be selected from the top-15 rankings in the world. It is highly likely that Bubba Watson (World Rank 4th), Matt Kuchar (5th) and Tiger Woods (7th) will be among the four players for the American men’s team but qualifying for the Olympics continues until Jul 11, 2016 so the final list could change!

Source: Rio2016
Source: Rio2016

Fun Facts: Adidas are the official designers for the outfits which have now been released. All outfits take on a red element showing that the American team have a fire in their belly and they mean business! But could the US team win medals in golf?

Old Favorites


There are currently 31 men competing for a place in the 2016 Olympic Basketball team. The finalist include three-time Olympic medalists Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. We won’t know until August the official line-up for the 12-player Olympic team but it seems like these two hat trick-medalists should be on the list!

Source: Hoopshabit
Source: Hoopshabit

The US Basketball team looks set to do well in the Games as USA Basketball Jerry Colanga says: “The depth of talent that exists in the national team program is extraordinary” the caliber of the contenders is really high. It might make the selection process very touch on the selection committee but it gives Americans comfort that for the Basketball team at the very least, they are truly picking from the best of the best.

Fun Facts: The coaching team is headed by the champion trainer, Mike Kryzewski.


Both the women’s and men’s teams are the ones to watch for Volleyball as the current world champions. USA Volleyball captain David Lee says that Brazil will be tough to beat on their home turf so the men’s team aren’t resting on their laurels.

The women’s team have got everything to prove having lost out on the gold in London 2012 and Beijing 2008 to Brazil. This desire to finally get to the top could be just enough to tip the scales and see the USA scoop the gold!

Source: USAToday
Source: USAToday

Top Ten Facts About Rio 2016

  • Brazil is the first Latin American country to host the Olympic Games
  • The games’ motto is Viva Sua Paixao which means Live Your Passion in English.
  • By August, Brazil with have an extensive public transport system including a subway!
  • 10,500 athletes are expected to compete
  • The Olympic Park which comprises of the Olympic and Paralympic village will be 185 acres
  • Of the 34 venues, 9 are new and 7 are temporary
  • Every stadium with the exception of Morambi Stadium was first used for the Fifa World Cup 2014.
  • Golf was actually played at the Olympics before but over one hundred years ago in 1904!
  • 7.5 million tickets were made available
  • There will be 8000 employees, 85,000 third party employess and 45,000 volunteers working for Rio 2016.

TOP TIP: Where to Watch it if you don’t have a ticket

Source: responsesource
Source: responsesource

When the announcement was made that Rio had won the bid to host the 2016 Olympics, thousands of people gathered on Coacabana Beach. It is thought that this beach resort will be a popular choice for tourists heading to Brazil for the Olympics to watch on screen rather than catch the real thing.

Whether you’ve got a ticket or not, Rio 2016 is setting itself up to be an Olympic Games we’ll never forget.


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