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It’s taken 15 years but finally, Square Enix have revealed that the release date for Final Fantasy XV will be September 30, 2016. They’ve called it a “shared cinematic universe” in their launch speech and for the first time in Final Fantasy’s history, introduces a whole suite of content tied to the main game. This includes not just the game but many other exciting media. Want to know more? Fizzdot gives you the lowdown.

Source: gamespot
Source: gamespot

What is Final Fantasy?

So not everyone will be familiar with Final Fantasy but that’s OK, we’ll fill you in. Over the past few decades, quite a few games have been released under the Final Fantasy brand all sharing common traits. It’s set in a fantasy land of magical creatures and mysterious worlds where a war-ravaged hero and his companions fight to defeat an evil enemy. The hero and co move around towns, dungeons and can pan into a world map to connect all the components alongside battle sections when they encounter invisible enemies. There are weapons galore and your character can be customized with different skills as you work through to finally defeat the evil.

The key to its appeal is the sense of adventure. Many get emotionally invested in the quest which takes you through some exotic settings with your hero and hero’s company, forming relationships, building strategies and meeting fascinating people.

What to Expect in Final Fantasy XV

Source: primagames
Source: primagames


The world created for Final Fantasy XV is similar to modern-day Earth where all the countries are under the empire of Niflheim. All but one, Lucis. After a near-death experience, heir to the Lucian throne, Noctis Lucis Caelum gained magical power but is driven from his Kingdom after Nifheim invades them. His journey in the game sees him ‘on the run’ with his pals where they must defeat the forces of Nifleim and rescue a powerful crystal from their clutches.

Opening Story

The story begins with an armistice between Lucis and Niflheim to negotiate the fate of the powerful crystal in Lucis. A Peace Treaty is agreed  which includes a provision that Prince Noctis wed Lunafreya . However, after Noctis leaves Lucis, Niflheim invades Lucis and steals the crystal before the treaty is signed. Noctis now leads an army of his friends to recover the crystal and defeat the evil forces of Niflheim.


Noctis: Crown Prince and protector of Lucis with the power of magic

Gladiolus Amictia:  brother figure to Noctis and elite guard to Lucis royalty for generations

Ignis Stupeo Scientia: childhood friend to Noctis and genius military tactician.

Prompto Argentum: friend to the prince but from a lower social class.

Cor Leonis: renowed in Lucis as one of the three most powerful warriors. Loyal supported to the King and acts as the protector of the young group.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: childhood sweethear and fiancé to Ncotis and an Oracle.

Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII: King of Lucis, guardian of the crystal and father of Noctis

Iedolas Aldercapt: Emporer of Niflheim, the baddie!

Aden Izunia: Aldercot’s right hand man

Aranea Highwind: a mercenary dragoon

Fun Facts

  • Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine will sing the theme song, a version of Stand by Me.
  • Magic and combat will be improved including the ability to summon titans and chocobo riding who can jump and drift!
  • Many of the games geographic areas are based on real destinations like Tokyo, Venice and The Bahamas.
  • Their clothes have been designed by Japanese fashion designer, Hironu Takahara

Beyond the game…

Source: sunrisingblog.wordpress
Source: sunrisingblog.wordpress


SmartPhone Game. Justice Monsters Five is a version of Final Fantasy and will operate as a role-playing pinball-Pokemon style game. iOS and Android users can expect to be able download it but as yet there is no release date or how it will interact with the main game itself.

Anime Series

Final Fantasy XV has also got its own anime series on YouTube. It’s called Brotherhood and the first episode is already up for view. There are five ten minute episodes in total and the series will explore the relationship between the protagonist, Noctis and his fellows, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiouslus. Noctis along with his troupe face darkness and despair batting monsters that are literal and metaphotical.

The Movie

A movie is also planned for release later in the year. The trailer is available on YouTube and it’s called Kingsglaive: Final Fantast XV with 3D animation.  The movie features the voices of Sean Bean (King Regis), Lena Headey  (Lunafreya) and Aaron Paul (Nyx). The film’s central plot explored Noctis’ homeland, Lucis while he is off on his adventures. He’s actually presumed dead and the film explores an invading regime through the eyes of King Regis, Noxtis’ father and Lunafreya, his wife. A new character, Nyx plays a central role in the film defending the kingdom as a powerful warrior.

final - movie

Can’t wait?

Try the platinum demo available right now on PS4 and Xbox One! Fans are given the opportunity to play as young Noctis in a special segment that won’t appear in the game itself.

Want to preorder?

If you do, Square Enix are offering a limited number of free gifts including a Noctis Special Outfit and Carbuncle pet for Xbox Avatars (Xbox One) and a Dynamic PS4 theme for PlayStation players.

Special Editions

PS$ and Xbox One gamers will have special options available to them where they will be able to choose Deluxe and Ultimate Collectors Editions of Final Fantasy XV.

The Deluxe Edition

  • Exclusive Steelbook case
  • Full Kinsglaive movie on Blu-ray
  • Bonus DLC content

Ultimate Collectors Edition

  • Hardcover 192-page artbook
  • Exclusive Steelbook case
  • Entire Brotherhood series
  • Full Kingsglaive movie on Blu-ray
  • Special soundtrack
  • Play Arts Kai Noctis figure
  • Even more in-game bonus content
  • Only 30,000 will be available

PC Users

It’s not good news for PC gamers though as Square Enix have confirmed they haven’t started working on the PC version yet.

Get into the Zone

Why not revist the previous movies, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001) and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) to get yourself in the zone for September?

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