Pluto, Why Do We Love You So?


11It’s Weird How Emotionally People React to Pluto

What is it about Pluto, the planet/non-planet/tiny planet that gets to people’s emotions? Most space stuff doesn’t get this visceral reaction. Now, as NASA’s New Horizons flies past Pluto, we’re getting the closest view humans have ever had. And guess what? Pluto might just love us back.

10We See Pluto As Somehow Needing Sympathy

After Pluto was demoted to non-planet, it felt wrong somehow. We felt that it was unfair, even if that isn’t logical.

9We Feel Like It’s Connected to Our Childhoods

This childhood cartoon favorite seems to fit just right with that feeling.

8And Maybe We Relate to Not Wanting to Be Ignored

We’ve all gone through rejection. We seem to be humanizing Pluto, the demoted planet, using it as a symbol for our feelings about our own lives.

7Awkward Yeti’s Humanization Works Well

In the first part of this comic, Earth seems to really be giving Pluto some mixed messages. We all know someone who blows hot and cold!

6The Comic’s Description Feels Right

In the second part of this comic, Pluto is just really sad and confused. Oh, the feels! Who can’t relate to this, am I right?

5It’s All a Mystery

XKCD, another very popular comic, labels parts of the planet with some random thoughts. When we humans don’t know what to think about something, something mysterious, we attach our own hopes and worries to it.

4And Instead of Feeling Fear…

We joke about the things we can’t understand. We give them stories to frame them in our own stories.

3It’s Definitely More Relatable Than This

Diagrams and models of space are awe-inspiring, but they don’t speak to us the same way.

2Are We Afraid to Learn Something New?

After all, space is all about exploration. Shouldn’t we want to know more? We used to know next to nothing about Pluto, but even then, we made up stories to try to imagine how it could be.

1We’re Happy Pluto’s Getting a Visit

Everyone loves a happy ending. And we’re really connecting this Pluto flyby with the saga of its ups and downs. With Pluto’s big heart shape in view, we feel that maybe… Pluto loves us, too.

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