Peaceful Rooms That Perfectly Combine Indoors and Outdoors


8. Breathe, Relax

Just in case you’re stuck in the city or at work and can’t get away, here are some super peaceful photos of perfect rooms that combine indoors and outdoors. Here’s your new happy place! via

7. Cool As the Other Side of the Pillow

Bet it smells like lavender, sugar cookies, and blowing breezes. via

6. Have Friends Over, Or Read a Book

Being in a room like this is like a Swedish massage for your brain. via

5. Casually Cool Luxe

So this is what an aspirational evening looks like? via

4. Enchanted Storytime

Not sure if I’m in a fairytale here but there’s a fair-to-even chance. via

3. Mini Garden Room

If you took a Jane Austen character and dropped her down in a modern neighborhood that was just right for her, this is what it might look like. via

2. Super Dreamy Library

I definitely want to spend an afternoon in this room. Do you? via

1. Overlooking the Lake

Time for coffee and peaceful thoughts, maybe we’ll go boating later. via

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