OMG Dogs with Relatable Summer Feelings




When you dive into the pool, but you forgot how to pool. Water up your nose! You ain’t even care.

2. Water Fight!


You just took a water balloon to the face, son.

3. Nap Happened


When you wake up from that vacation nap and you have no idea what year it is.

4. Too Much Chill


When someone decides to cool out in hot weather and you see A LOT MORE than you were prepared to handle. C’mon, put that away!

5. Park Fountain Fail


That moment you go to take a drink at the park water fountain because it is hot and you’re dying but whoops! You get a faceful of spray.

6. Lost Ya Mind


When you’re just officially done with how it’s either boiling outside or freezing inside, and you can’t get your friends to shut off the AC.

7. Cruel, Cruel Summer


You’re missing everyone. Why they gotta go away? WHYYYYYYYYY

8. Ice Pops


Gotta get that last piece of ice pop before it falls off the popsicle stick!

9. Fleek of the Week


You’re not rushing off to classes or your job, so you’ve spent way more time than is healthy perfecting that eyebrow look.

10. On Line, Can’t Go

on line

This is that time when you’re waiting on line for the fun fair or the movies and you HAVE to go but ain’t nobody going to get those tickets for you. Can’t give up your spot, just have to cross those legs!

11. Pool Noodle Fool


Who has time to be smooth when there’s shenanigans to be had? Go get your summer on! Play like nobody’s watching, because if they are, it’s their problem!

12. AC = Alaska


Yeah, go outside, they amped the AC up all the way to 11 again. Get me a Slurpee from the corner, though, kay?

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