7Time to Go Food Shopping… Forrrr… Perfection!

Pancakes! Mine never turn out this perfect! Can you even eat that now? via

6Now Don’t Get Unraveled

This apple peel is here to help you cope with life. via

5Dive Through the Watermelon Portal

Go ahead. It’s right there. It will take you to Perfection Land. via

4We Have Arrived!

Pinkie Parker picked a peck of perfectly piled peppers. Doesn’t that feel so weirdly right? via

3Time for Snackings

Total perfectionnnnn…. omg, what genius thought of this? via

2Now Take a Shot

This perfect bar has the perfect drink for you. Celebrate the calming symmetry! via

1And, Finally…

Get that shopping done. Now, you’re ready to go home. Wasn’t that perf? via

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