Must-See 21st Century Remakes for 2016/17

Pictured: Kelly Rohbach and Pamela Anderson I Source: Screencrush

Were you weeping into your pillow the day Baywatch departed from our screens? Do you still hope and pray that your favorite TV shows will suddenly reappear for just one more series? Well now, some of you might get the chance to find out in these super cool remakes of old TV shows. Is the truth really out there?


1. MacGyver

Source: Hollywoodreporter
Pictured: Lucas Till and Richard Dean Anderson I Source: Hollywoodreporter

The original action-drama took the air in the 1980s starring Richard Dean Anderson as a genius gadget maker who could turn even the most mundane of items into a techy piece of equipment. The series will be co-produced by the orginal producer, Henry Winkler alongside the original writer Paul Downs Colaizzo among a larger team of producers.

When does it air?

Not much is known about when the show will air but it has also been announced that Lionsgate who are behind the series are also planning a movie version too. The series pilot will be aired on CBS.

All New Stars

Little is known about the full cast but so far these are the actors confirmed to take part:

Lucas Till (MacGyver): X-Men star, Lucas Till was confirmed today (March 21st) to play the title character, inventor and action hero, MacGayver.

Joshua Boone (Gunner): Boone is set to take on the role of MacGyver’s high school bro-mate.

George Eads: Former CSI actor, Eads will play Lincoln.

What are the Highlights?

The script for the pilot is thought to be a re-imagining of the original show and will follow the journey of MacGyver as he is secretly recruited to a clandestine organization to use his genius gadget-making abilities for solving action-packed problems.

2. Twin Peaks

Pictured: Kyle Maclachlan then and now I Source: ABCNews
Pictured: Kyle Maclachlan then and now I Source: ABCNews

Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, was originally aired in 1990-1991. It won A Golden Globe and Peabody Award before it disappeared after X seasons but will now return to our screens 25 years later with the original co-creators at the helm.

When does it air?

Twin Peaks resides on Showtime and will take to the air in 2017. Check out the official website for details of re-screenings.  You can get Showtime over the internet and stream the series instantly!

Who are the Stars?

Many of the old faces are set to return and rumors are running wild. Confirmed stars include:

Kyle MacLachlan (FBI Agent Dale Cooper): Maclachlan reprises his role as Agent Cooper.

Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson): Lee defiantly rose above speculations about her health to say that Lynch has confirmed she will be in the new series.

Ray Wise (Leland Palmer): Yes he is technically dead but Ray Wise will be returning as the undead.

Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer): May be returning although it’s not been revealed in what capacity so watch this space.

Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne): Audrey’s back and so is Sherilyn Fenn.

Richard Beymer (Ben Horne and Jerry Horne): Audrey’s scheming and manipulative father and uncle are also confirmed characters to return played by the original actor, Richard Beymer.

Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson): She kept it quiet til the last minute but Amick has now confirmed her return to the Peaks.

David Lynch (Gordon Cole): Lynch is back in the drivers seat and on screen as the FBI man.

Source: highsnobiety
Source: highsnobiety

What are the Highlights?

  • According to IMDB, the plot for Twin Peaks is unknown but McLachlan reveals that “it’s going to be amazing” in an interview with Deadline earlier in the year.
  • Lynch and Frost have confirmed that it isn’t a remake with all nine episodes containing entirely fresh content.
  • Showtime is screening the original series right now as a debut to the next chapter. In the final episode of the original series, Laura Palmer says: “I will see you again in 25 years.” And we will.
  • Can’t wait til 2017? Watch the trailer on YouTube here.

3. Baywatch

Pictured: Kelly Rohbach and Pamela Anderson I Source: Screencrush
Pictured: Kelly Rohbach and Pamela Anderson I Source: Screencrush

The original series starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson is being remade into a movie version focusing on two new lifeguards. It will be directed by Seth Gordon known for Horrible Bosses.

When Does it Air?

Baywatch, a movie remake of the original series will be in cinemas in 2017.

Who are the Stars?

It’s an all-new cast. Those names confirmed include:

Zack Efron: newcomer and slightly wild trainee lifeguard who needs to learn what it’s all about

Dwayne ‘The rock’ Johnson: the experienced lifeguard who takes the newcomer, Efron under his wing

Kelly Rohrbach (CJ Parker): It’s official, the iconic role originally played by Pamela Anderson is now confirmed to be taken on by model, Kelly Rohrbach.

Priyanka Chopra: Chopra has been declared as the show’s villain so watch out for some plot twists.

Also confirmed are IIfesnesh Hadera, Kelly Rohrback and Alexandra Daddario but it’s not known in which capacity. However, their roles are likely to involve swimwear.

Pictured: David Hasselhoff and 'The Rock' I Source: wixtainment
Pictured: David Hasselhoff and ‘The Rock’ I Source: wixtainment

What are the Highlights?

Info on the movie is strictly under wraps but the plot is reported to involve an elite squadron of lifguards whose equilbrius team is shaken up with the arrival of hothead and former Olympian played by Zack Efron. He has to learn to fit in with the team to protect their bay from the threats of the sun, sea and sand.



1. X Files

Source: Express
Source: Express

Created by Chris Carter the original series aired for 10 seasons and was a firm favorite for many who watched. Now it’s returned it picks up from where it left off so it’s not a total remake and maybe we will finally find out if the truth is out there…

When is it on air?

It aired on Fox on Jan 24th 2016 with the final episode on Feb 22nd. Look out for re-runs by checking Fox online.

Who are the  Stars?

Do you really need to ask? Of course Mulder and Scully are back and played by their original cast actors. How much do you think they’ve changed all these years later?

Gillian Anderson (Scully)

Source: loststars
Source: loststars

David Duchovny (Mulder)

Source: Moviepilot
Source: Moviepilot

What are the Highlights?

  • Don’t judge the show on Episode One, critics have praised the second episode as a dramatic improvement on the first. Just a few teething problems.
  • The series ends with a MASSIVE cliffhanger sparking rumors that there could be another series.
  • If you want to revisit the original series, you can do it on AmazonPrime where the entire series can be streamed with Prime membership!

2. Fuller House

Pictured: Original Cast of Full House I Source: Eonline
Pictured: Original Cast of Full House I Source: Eonline

13 years ago, the Tanner family became a part of our hearts in the series Full House. Fuller House focuses on the life of the character, DJ Tanner-Fuller who re-enters her big family with her unruly children.

When is it on Air?

The new series was released on Netflix on February 26th.  All 13 episodes are ready for view!

Who are the Stars?

Pictured: The Cast of Fuller House I Source: People
Pictured: The Cast of Fuller House I Source: People

Returning to reprise their roles included pretty much everyone except the Olson Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner-Fuller): This series will center around the story of DJ all grown up as a mother, widow and vet trying to bring up her kids with the help of her family.

Jodie Sweeten (Stephanie Fuller): DJ’s sister who lives in the family home.

Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler): Kimmy was originally DJ’s BFF and she has also returned to the new series.

John Stamos (Uncle Jessie): As well as being the producer, Stamos will also reprise his role as Uncle Jessie.

Dave Coulier (Unlce Joey): Brings back his skills to play Uncle Joey.

Bob Saget (Danny Tanner): Saget reprises his role as the father.


  • The show centers around recently widowed, DJ who seeks support from her younger sister, Stephanie and BFF, Kimmy to help raise her unruly kids moving back to their family’s home.
  • The Olsen Twins who were in the original series turned down the chance to return to the show. There was a lot of speculation about a feud with the show producer, John Stamos, their showtime Uncle.

3. Scream

Pictured: The Original Film Cast of Scream (1996) Source:
Pictured: The Original Film Cast of Scream (1996) Source:

Scream: The Series is inspired by the first of the Scream Trilogy films made in 1996 by Wes Craven.

When does it air?

It’s airing right now on Netflix where you can find all the episodes ready and waiting for a bumper session of blood, guts and gore.

Who are the Stars?

The Cast of Scream: The Series I Source: Pinterest
The Cast of Scream: The Series I Source: Pinterest

Willa Fitzgerald (Emma Duvall): Emma Duvall is the main target for the killer and is played by Fitzgerald.

Bex Taylor-Klaus (Audrey Jenson ): Taylor-Klaus plays the BFF of Emma Duvall as a sarcastic and bi-curious filmmaker.

John Karna (Noah Foster): Karna plays the geeky serial killer obsessed and boyfried of the recently murdered, Riley.

Carlson Young (Brooke Maddox): Brooke Maddox is among Emma’s BFF circle.

Amadeus Serafini  (Kieran Wilcox):  Emma’s new love interest.

Connor Weil  (Will Belmon): Emma’s ex-boyfriend.

Jason Wiles (Sheriff Clark Hudson): The Sheriff of Lakewood.

Tracy Mideendorf (Margaret ‘Maggie’ Duvall): Emma’s mother and medical examiner, affectionately known as Maggie.

Tom Maden (Jake Fitzgerald): Will’s BFF and Brooke’s love interest.

Kiana Lede (Zoe Williams): Zoe is the secretive A star student.

Santiago Segura (Gustavo Acosta): Spooky and sitting on the sidelines is the character Gustavo.

What are the Highlights?

The TV Series pays homage to the original movie with a 21st Century twist. True to its roots again as a Slasher horror, the suspense is both jumpy and comical. You will be at the edge of your seats as well as cringing.



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