Inside Wonderland: James Bobin’s Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Alice Through The Looking Glass will open in the US on May 27, 2016 and from the trailer, it promises to be just as whimsical, wonderful and weird, fanciful and fabulous, adventurous and amazing as its predecessor, Alice in Wonderland, that was released in 2010.

The Story: A New Adventure for Alice

Source: Eonline
Source: Eonline

Based on the stories and magical world created by Lewis Caroll, Alice returns to our screens in a new adventure in Underland. In this tale, Alice must rescue her dear friend the Mad Hatter by travelling back in time.

She uncovers a magical looking glass that allows her to travel through time in order to save her friend. The looking glass itself is a significant part of Caroll’s original story but theme of time and time travel was just a small notion, a subtext if you will that spanned across the original books. From the White Rabbit’s lateness to the need for time for Alice to return home, time is always a precarious force.

In the modern 21st century world, one of the producers Suzanne Todd said in an interview with Coming Soon, she wanted to bring the idea of time as something we all struggle with, wasting it, finding it, she said she wanted “to take that on in a serious way.” Having the original screenplay writer, Linda Woolverton back on board with her talent for capturing subtleties meant they totally nailed it making the whole idea of time the central focus of the movie.

The Genius Tim Burton and James Bobin’s Task

When one thinks of Lewis Carroll and the magical yet strange world he created with his nonsensical characters, it seems highly fitting that Tim Burton would bring this world and its characters to life.

Director James Bobin with Mia Wasikowska on set I Source: Dailymail
Director James Bobin with Mia Wasikowska on set I Source: Dailymail

It was disappointing to many fans that Burton announced he would not return for the sequel and instead, The Muppets director, James Bobin would be directing. But has Bobin achieved the weirdly wonderful world that we are expecting?

Alternative Press has described the trailer to Through The Looking Glass as bizarre and we couldn’t agree more or be better pleased with the description for James Bobin is clearly one to watch for future oddities and we love that he is just as bizarre as Burton.

Burton, the weird genius has brought so many delights to our screens for decades but we’re excited to see what Bobin is going to do for the future of cinema.

Director Profile: James Bobin

  • Bobin got tips from Burton on creating the world of Underland
  • He wanted to put his own twist on it and returned to the original drawings from the books by illustrator John Tenniel.
  • Bobin’s wonderland is insanely technicolor a lot like the world of Oz which juxtaposes the dark doom that haunts the adventure. Will Alice be able to save The Hatter before it is too late?
  • His work on the two Muppets movies showed that he had promise to recreate nostalgic characters that inspired audiences to reconnect to their stories.

The Cast and their Characters

Source: Aceshowbiz
Source: Aceshowbiz


We see the return of the original characters as well as some new ones. It’s also suggested by that the Jabberwocky will be making an appearance once more! Fizzdot brings you the highlights of the most interesting characters and their storylines in Through The Looking Glass.

Alice Kingsleigh – Mia Wasikowska

Alice is very different in this adventure because she has a much stronger sense of who she is. She’s grown up a lot and at the start of the movie, she is actually returning from her maritime  adventures at sea as the captain of her own ship.

The Mad Hatter – Johnny Depp

The Mad Hatter is in moral peril and Alice must battle with Time and The Red Queen to save him. In the synopsis of the plot, it is said that The Hatter has lost his “muchness” and in a comatose state so that Alice has to summon all of her own muchness to overcome the villains.

Absolem – Alan Rickman

The late Alan Rickman once again reprised his role as Absolem and fans of Harry Potter will be soothed to hear his distinctive voice once again this time as a different magical character. Absolem provides the conscious Alice needs to overcome any of her own doubts so that she can begin her next adventure to rescue The Hatter.

The Red Queen – Helena Bonham Carter

This time around, the Red Queen is still an evil brat and her story has her in a relationship with the villain of the adventure, Time.

Mirana, The White Queen – Anne Hathaway

The White Queen is once again the believer in good but of course cannot do battle herself. She calls upon Alice to travel through time to bring back The Hatter before it’s too late.


Sacha Baron Cohen as Time I Source: DigitalSpy
Sacha Baron Cohen as Time I Source: DigitalSpy

Zanik Hightopp – Rhys Ifans

Zanik is the Mad Hatter’s father and is set to be a marvelous role with some fantastical surprises and nonsensical humor. Like his son, his hair is brightly colored and impossible to miss!

Time – Sacha Baron Cohen

Time is the villain of the story, part human and part clock this peculiar being is time itself, he is set to wreak havoc on Underland spurred on by the evils of The Red Queen.

Movie Facts

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The Earl of Pembroke Ship renamed The Wonder for the film I Source: YouTube
  • The movie will be screened in 2D as well as 3D for the ultimate ‘pop-out’ experience.
  • The new single, Just Like Fire by Pink leads the soundtrack with awesome and epic vibes.
  • James Bobin director of the two Muppets movie replaces Tim Burton as the director but Burton is still the producer.
  • Linda Woolverton returned as the writer but did you know she’s a Disney veteran with Beauty and the Beast and more recently, Maleficent under her belt?
  • There are two new characters, one who isn’t exactly human named Time
  • The movie picks up some time after Alice left off after she has realized her ambition to become a world explorer like her late father
  • Four historic ships were used in filming: Kathleen and May, Irene, Excelsior and Earl of Pembroke. The last was renamed The Wonder for the movie!
  • Rhys Iffans is cast as the Mad Hatter’s father but is actually four years younger than Johnny Depp in real life.



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