Homeless Cat Saves Abandoned Baby


Image via YouTube

In Mother Russia, Cat Rescues You!

A baby boy, no more than 12 weeks old, was found in a box on a staircase in Obninsk, Russia. The box had originally been set out for a stray cat to live in, but when the cat found the tiny infant, it was too worried to leave the baby alone.

One of the neighbors in the building thought she heard a loud meowing noise. She went out to rescue the cat from whoever was attacking it, at least that’s what she thought. Instead, she was shocked by what she found.

“She had been keeping the baby warm for several hours and meowing to call for help,” the woman told Ruptly video. The cat, a stray, had been living in the building for three years. It’s being called a hero cat, and is credited with keeping the baby warm enough to stay alive in the terribly cold temperatures of a freezing Russian winter.

“When an ambulance worker took the baby… the cat followed him and pitifully meowed,” the neighbor described. The cat jumped right into the ambulance and went along to the hospital with the baby boy. The ambulance workers couldn’t refuse!

A pediatric nurse told Ruptly, “We have received a lot of feedback from sympathizing residents, who are willing to help and ask if any food, toys and other things are needed.”

Meantime, the police are trying to identify the baby boy and find his parents.

The hero cat is being praised and given extra treats and attention from everyone in the apartment block, as it should be!

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