Glastonbury 2016: Who to See and Where to Hang

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People come from all over the world to enjoy the Glastonbury festival. In 2016 it takes place from Wednesday June 22 to Sunday June 26 and is set to be pretty awesome. Fizzdot gives you to lowdown on what to expect at this iconic venue from the cool headliners to the up and coming to where you should spend your time (and your money)!

The Headline Acts

Source: TheMirror
Source: TheMirror


Muse are Glastonbury veterans and it wouldn’t be the same without them. Whilst some have criticized their continued appearance as dinosaur-like, here at Fizzdot we think you need a bit of tradition.


Adele is the new Queen of British pop and since Skyfall, she’s pretty  much got the world at her feet. We can’t wait to hear her croon and warble over her new album, especially the anthem-like River Lea.

Cyndi Lauper

Lauper takes the Sunday Afternoon Legend spot at Glastonbury this year and why not? She is a legend! This year she’s had broadway hits in the show Kinky Boots and has been inducted to the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Earth Wind and Fire

This group are known for their ability to create genre-crossing  music spanning R&B, pop, rock, disco, funk and jazz and one of the great American bands of all time. We can’t wait to hear their greatest hits at Glastonbury.


Acts to Look Out for

Lady Leshurr I Source: BBC
Lady Leshurr I Source: BBC

Jess Glynne

A British favorite among the UK crowd, Jess Glynn has created some great sing-along tracks the past few years. We’re psyched to see her at Glastonbury and particularly looking forward to her number one track, Hold My Hand.

Lady Leshurr

Also known as Malsha O’Garro she’s a Brummie girl (that means she’s from Birmingham by the way) and a great rapper-singer. She’s awesome at freestlyin’ so her Glastonbury performance should be full of unique material. We’re hoping she will give us a cool rendition of her latest song, The Queen’s Speech that sent YouTube wild when it was released!

The Syrian National Orchestra

Even if it’s not your thing, surprise yourself and check out the Syrian National Orchestra this year. It’s the true spirit of Glastonbury to support humanity and the joy of musical genres across the world.

Baaba Maal

Baaba hails from Senegal and it’s him and his guitar strumming out his thing. He’s also a talented percussionist and has several albums under his belt. His music is cultural and full of vibe.

The Best Areas

Source: glastonburyfestival
Source: glastonburyfestival

The Pyramid Stage

The Pyramid Stage is just as famous as the Glastonbury Festival itself. Some of the most iconic performances happened on this stage including The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, Johnny Cash, Bjork, The Black Eyed Peas, Pink Floyd, Shirley Bassey and David Bowie.

It even has its own unique history. The first pyramid stage was built in 1971 by theater designer Bill Harkin and resembled a diamond. The pyramid itself was based on the idea that the pyramid holds power in the universe as an apex that draws energy from the sun and stars above.

In 1981 a new stage was built that was the super stage in the summer and a cowshed in the winter. It was built from redundant materials from the Ministry of Defense and it was this structure that firmly sealed The Pyramid as the symbol of Glastonbury. Disaster struck in 1994 when it burned to the ground not long before the festival.

However, this didn’t faze the Glastonbury crew who built a bigger more imposing structure in 2000 based on designs of famous Egyptian pyramids using glittering, ecofriendly steel. It’s now four times the size of the original 1971 structure.

The Green Fields

The Green Fields are described as the spirit of Glastonbury. It is here that the newborn hippies seek enlightenment and a greater meaning. Green Fields pay tribute to Planet Earth with extraordinary entertainment and is THE place to visit at this year’s festival because they are also paying tribute to The International Year of Global Understanding. Here you can learn about making a difference as individuals and as a human race throught art, debate and celebration. You will find many intimate stages for your audio pleasure along with magical structures including a stone citcle, an eternal flame and a secret underground venue. This is where the magic happens.

Shangri – La

Shangri – La is a magical and mystical city that takes over 1500 crew members to build the installation city every year. This year Shangri – La is a recovering pleasure city that was once destroyed. Festival goers are invited to Occupy this new and experimental world through some amazing creative activities. Come here to zone into a new world and soak in the sounds.

The Best Bars

The Avalon Inn I Source: TheTelegraph
The Avalon Inn I Source: TheTelegraph

Avalon Inn

Situated in the Field of Avalon you will find this medieval inn complete with serving wenches and ale straight from the barrel just like in the days of olde. It’s a proper Somerset affair as it’s run by a real life Somerset pub called the Barton Inn.

The Cockmill Bar

Rustic and traditional, the Cockmill features three local Somerset ales and seven more from across the globe. The bar offers panoramic views day and night and this year will also house the White Rabbit Saloon, an American whisky bar offering up Tennessee specialties, cocktails and live music ever night until the small hours.

The Park Bar

Since 2015 The Park Bar has gone Bollywood style and has taken on the vibrant lights of Rajasthan, known as the blue city.

The Meeting Place

Returning for 2016, The Meeting Place is a market style bar opposite Williams Green. This is where you’ll find a bustling street market with good and goodies on sale. The bar is a space to chill against the beat of blissful reggae, soul and Latin music.

The Theater Bar

Also new for this year, the Theater Bar is set to give some buzz to the festival. Here you will find local DJs and specialist Craft Beers from across Europe.




While everyone will no doubt have their favourite Festival spot, we heartily recommend the tapas Glastonbury experience – trying a little bit of lots of different things. Because while the Pyramid Stage will always provide the Festival’s most high profile attractions, a lot of the best experiences are to be found out on the outskirts, off the beaten track and where you least expect them. To aid you in your voyage of discovery


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