Genius Summer Hacks: Live It Up!


3Get That Summer Feel!


For this hack, you don’t need more than a couple of minutes, two soft (not scratchy!) dish sponges, some rubber bands, and a need for speed!

2 thick double-sided dish sponges, with at least one side something you wouldn’t mind putting your bare feet on. The other side can be rough, and in fact that will help it stick to the pedal.
2 strong, fat rubber bands (you can use more, but you don’t need to)
Optional: a strong scissor (to trim the sponges to size)


  1. If the sponges are really much bigger than the pedal, trim them first.
  2. Now, use the rubber bands to attach the sponges to the pedals. You really don’t want glue, unless you’re keeping the sponges on forever!
  3. Kick off your shoes, step on your spankin’ new soft pedals, and ride on out!

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2Get Your Icy Drink Here, Icy Drink Here!


You know what I hate? Lukewarm or hot drinks on a stankin’ hot summer day. Oh, you too? Here’s a super easy hack to keep your drinks fresh and your style fresher: you don’t want to be a pile of sweat! Stay cool.

Empty water bottle (or as many bottles as you can fit on a freezer shelf), tap or bottled water


  1. Fill each bottle only HALF full of plain tap water (or bottled water if you prefer)
  2. Lay each bottle on its side in your freezer.
  3. Leave ’em there for a few hours, or until the water is solid ice.
  4. Fill the bottles up with more water, or with your favorite drank.
  5. Take your icy fresh drink to go! It’ll stay cold for a long time.


1Pest-Away! No Ants, Please!


Super simple hack: get rid of ants without worrying about harmful chemicals, and without endangering pets or children!

Popcorn kernels (about a cup)


  1. Put the popcorn kernels in the blender.
  2. Blend for about 30 seconds.
  3. Take the resulting powdery cornmeal and make a few piles around where you’ve seen ants, especially if you can see a trail of ants.
  4. Within a few days, it’s ant no more! They’ll disappear. Gone, baby, gone!


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