Fake Friends vs Real Friends: 9 Simple Ways to Know the Difference!


How do you know who your REAL friends are? Put it to the test: these 9 comparisons will help you figure it out!

9Fake friends make excuses.

Real friends show up. No excuses. If they can’t make it, there’s a real reason.

8Fake friends need lots of favors.

Real friends will ask if they need something. But they aren’t constantly making demands.

7Fake friends oops… let that secret slip.

Real friends will take your secrets to the grave.

6Fake friends will compare themselves to you, but need to be the best.

Real friends care about you. They might feel jealous once in a while, but they know you can both be your best selves without taking anything away from each other.

5Fake friends will stab you in the back.

Real friends will fight with you, but they’ll say what they think straight to your face.

4Fake friends have you on their “C” list.

Real friends want to see you. You’re their “A” list.

3Fake friends will offer to help, but won’t.

Real friends won’t offer to help. They just help when you need it.

2Fake friends make it all about them.

Real friends know when you’re having a big moment, good or bad.

1Fake friends want to hear about your fails.

Real friends will listen to the things that upset you, but they are rooting for you to make it big!

Don’t forget who stood by you when the chips were down!

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