Do Aliens Exist? (Rare) Footage That Might Prove It!

Source: News.discovery

Let’s face it, we are simply the most arrogant species ever to exist if we are adamant that we humans are the only intelligent life that there is. For one thing, we can can barely see past our own galaxy so what about the rest of space? Could aliens really be out there? Are they smarter than us? Are all those images across time really real? Check out the most fascinating here and decide for yourself.

1. Alien Life Support?

dead alien
Source: alienandufopictures

The origins of this picture are unknown but somehow it has made it into the public domain. It seems very realistic partly because it would be strange to document keeping an alien alive with life support technology when so many people are fearful of them. Perhaps this one is the proof you need to start believing. Are you converted?

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