Celebrity of the Month: Kim Kardashian

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It’s been the battle of the month to decide who should be named Fizzdot’s first celeb of the month and we have to say, it was a pretty close call between Beyonce and Kim Kardashian but the votes are in and we’ve decided that it’s Kim!

Source: nydailynews
Source: nydailynews

Why is Kim Celeb of the Month?

Those Racy Pics!

We’ve decided that anyone who tries that hard to upstage the force that is Beyonce deserves a bit of credit. After posting those super racy pics of herself and hubby, Kayne West over the weekend at exactly the same time Beyonce’s Lemonade went live,  she got a lot of feathers ruffled at what seemed to be a shameless publicity stunt. At Fizzdot, we think Kim is doing what Kim does best and has managed to achieve plenty of attention and gossip. For that Kim, we salute you. Plus those Instagram pics are hot!

Source: kimkardashian Instagram
Source: kimkardashian Instagram

That Racy Attitude!

We also think Kim deserves to win because she’s had to battle with a whole bunch of internet trolls this week regarding her weight loss after the birth of Saint West in December 2015. These tricky trolls took to social media to accuse Kim of resorting to cosmetic surgery to regain her pre-baby body plus a little extra nip and tuck for good measure.

Kim was furious about the accusations and totally stood up for herself. One of her responses to user sue_ema after sister, Khole posted a congratulatory pic of Kim captured by Shade Room read:

“You miserable troll! I work my ass off and have been dieting for months! i have such pride in my post pregnancy weight loss game…50 pounds down as of today and 20 more to go! Just wait for my next nude shoot, you’ll see no tummy tuck/lipo scars! Let’s see your body hiding behind your private account!”

Go Kim! We think you are looking awesome and if those pics captured by the Daily Mail of Kim in her first swimsuit outing post-baby are anything to go by, we would say she’s 100% natural.

Source: dailymail
Source: dailymail

There’s Something About Kim

Kim Kardashian is kind of famous for being famous so there must be something about her that us public can’t get enough of. She’s gorgeous but is it simply beauty that captivates the world? We recently got our paws on Kim’s new book, Selfish where she shares the last nine years of her life in selfies. How very Kim! We were kind of surprised what a day in her life looks like though, as Harpers Bazaar recently shared.

Here’s what we found out about Kim’s daily life.

She likes to get up really early!

That’s right, she gets up at 6 am and either goes out running with Kayne or lounges in bed for a little bit chatting about what their day is going to be like. Then she goes into Mom zone with the kids before heading out for her daily run either along the horse trails or on the treadmill. In fact, apart from the kids and Kayne first thing, her mornings are pretty solitary. Apart from the gated community and the daily chef who comes to their house to deliver their personalised meal plans, they seem kind of normal.

She’s pretty busy!

If she’s not filming or preparing for a photoshoot, she’s in a meeting. Every week she takes a 3 hour design meeting with Sears. She also doesn’t spend that much time getting ready if it’s just a normal day of meetings and it only takes her 15 minutes to sort her makeup out.

She’s strict about her routines!

From her commitment to her daily morning run, to every part of her life, Kim is strict with herself about her routines. She prefers the chef to cook for her lunch rather than go out to restaurants or visit fast food joints because she knows she has to be healthy to stay in shape. She always takes her makeup off every single night and makes sure she takes care of her skin with facial oils and moisturizers. We really admire how strong she is with sticking to her routines. She even goes to be pretty early for a celeb, always at 11 pm by the latest.

She’s all about family!

Kim loves her family with all her heart and not just her kids and Kayne, but the whole Kardashian clan. They group chat all day long because of their busy lives which means often they are not even in the same country at the same time. What’s really changed her life is having the kids and it made her take a purer attitude to her own life as well. She used to be addicted to Equal sweeteners but now she’s really cut back so that she can bring her kids up on a clean living kind of lifestyle and diet.

She loves to be a girl next door!

Kim’s favorite things to do are just what you’d imagine for the girl next door. She loves being at home and relishes any day she gets away from work to just do her own thing, especially if it involves driving which is one of her favorite pastimes. She also loves buying and selling her clothes and shoes on Ebay as well as watching murder shows when she gets the time.

Source: home.bt
Source: home.bt

The Kim Profile

Source:  hollywoodlife
Source: hollywoodlife

Star Sign: Libra

Married to: Kayne West

Children: 2

Famous For:

Her friendship with Paris Hilton and a leaked sex tape with her former boyf Ray J

Early Life:

At aged just 19 years old Kim eloped with Damon Thomas a music producer and got married. He filed for divorce in 2003 but Kim later said the reason for the relationship breakdown was  Thomas’ physical and emotional abuse against her. Talents:

Kim has a series of endorsements, mainly in fashion and retail. Most recently, she has released fragrances, the newest being True Reflection.

She’s also done some voiceover work providing the voice of an alien in American Dad.

She’s the founder of Kimsaprincess Productions LLC, a television production company and ShoeDazzle an online shoe website. She also owns a boutique called D-A-S-H with her sisters Kourtney and Khole.

In 2015, it was estimated by Forbes that her yearly pay amassed to $52.5 million and her total net worth estimated at $70 million. That’s not too shabby for someone who’s famous for being famous.



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