Fizz Travel

Travel is good for the soul whether you simply discover more about your own country or jet off around the world. Here at Fizzdot we love everything about travel and take the time to bring you the perfect adventures. We want to share our passion for travelling with our readers! Travelling opens your eyes to a whole new world even if it means you discover a new park in your local area. There might be more beauty around you than you think and you might also learn something new at the same time. For instance, there could be really cool and even free events happening in your neighbourhood you knew nothing about. Travelling can give you the opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills and have mini adventures or massive epic journeys. For those of you who love adventuring far and wide, Fizzdot are also on the case. We find out all the need-to-know info about travel destinations so that when you get there, you can tick off all the must-do activities as well as experience each place like a local. That’s because we work tirelessly to get the inside information so that you can discover the hidden Hindu temples of Sri Lanka or take tea in the backstreets of Beijing and even get into the best BBQ festival in Texas. Our Fizz staff are on it like a car bonnet to share our secrets with you.

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