Fizz Sports

Fizzdot is into sports in a big way! We believe sports are entertaining and great to keep us fit. We watch and we play! There isn’t a season that goes by where sports don’t play a part and we like to have it covered so that you can either sit back and relax or get out there with your game face on! Our favorite season of all time has to be the Olympics where the whole world gets involved and competes for the ultimate champion titles across nearly every sport imaginable. That’s when we’re in our element. For the rest of the time we get excited about the football and the swimming and the golf and the baseball and pretty much any sport that we can get our hooks into. Basketball makes us go wild and we get really into March Madness too. It’s not just the players on the field either we also support the cheerleaders too. We cover every aspect of sport today. Nothing is more exciting than watching the game with your buddies other than having the 211 on what’s going on from your trusty Fizz investigators. At Fizzdot our investigators get behind the scenes so that we can make predictions on the games and find out who are the players to watch. We profile the big guns like Tiger Woods but we also follow the newcomers and cheer them on their sporting career path. We love to see a star in the making!

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