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Come to Fizz Music to find out about the hottest tours and concerts, the latest trends in music genres and who’s gonna be the next big thing. Some say music is the food of life and at Fizzdot we think so too! This whole category is dedicated to audio pleasure but we think that music is broad and wide so our coverage gets deeper. We cover the music but we also cover the acts themselves and get the gossip on their loves and hates. We find out who they’re listening to as well as review their music. We’re really into getting the low-down on what’s going on in music. Who’s hot and who’s not; who’s gonna be the next big thing. We love finding out about new talent. Remember when Adele was just a British chick from London? Well we do cos we were saying she’ll make it big and now we’re bringing you our expert knowledge so that you too can discover new artists as well as find out even more about your trusty favorites. If Taylor Swift is on tour we will know the best venue and what her wardrobe is gonna look like. If 80’s one-hit-wonder Rachel Sweet who sang Everlasting Love is making a comeback we will be the first to review her album and be on the VIP list for her concert. Did we say it already? We love music!