Fizz Geek

Everyone knows that geek is the new black. The kids that can build apps and videogames in the blink of an eye are the ones everyone wants to be especially since the movies Social Media and Steve Jobs. Geekdom is how generation X will make its millions. But for us mere mortals, Fizz Geek gives you the low-down on latest trends in the land of geeks that make life better and cooler. Our aim at Fizz Geek is to get you in-the-know about what’s coming. You could say we’re a bit science fiction about life. We think about the future and the things to come. When we cover a trend it might not even be trending yet. But it will be. When we cover a product, it’s likely you won’t even be able to get on the reserve list because it’s so new it’s still being built. That is how geeky we are here. We know about stuff before it happens and we bring you products and trends so new, you’ll be the first to know. If it’s the word on the street, it’s not the word on Fizz Geek. We have a new word that will be tomorrow’s news. If you love the future, you’ll love Fizz Geek.