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Fizz News is our entertainment hub where our ultimate goal is to entertain you with the best of viral internet content without all the rubbish. Fizz News is the go-to place for our audiences who love flicking through images and bitesize text to get their jollies. Fizz News takes the content of the moment and creates easy to digest galleries covering every topic imaginable. Our motto is if it’s trending, it’s fizzing. And when it’s fizzing, you will find it in Fizz News. Our superstar investigators troll the trends every minute to bring you the most popular topics with high quality images. We vibe on visual content with short blurbs to get the bitesize info you need without being wordy. We think it’s important for all kinds of people to access media content and that’s why we want to ensure that people who aren’t so keen on ploughing through word-dense articles get the opportunity to keep up with the daily buzz through images. Here everything you need is collated together so all you need to do is flick through the pages instead of having to scroll through billons of poor quality or irrelevant images on a bog-standard search engine. We’ve done all the hard work for you so that you can get the best viral content at the touch of a button!