Fizz TV

TV is where it’s at and Fizz TV keeps you in the loop with what to watch. Times have changed over the past few years which means that it’s not just a case of a family with 2.4 children huddled around the box with only a few channels at their fingertips. It’s even gone further than simply having a TV in every room. Now you can record, remind and download at the touch of a button and it’s not just on your TV. Your smart phone, your tablet, your laptop, your Xbox, they all act as TV streaming devices. Plus with Netflix announcing its plans to roll out all of its streaming content internationally, TV watching is set to change further still. Both Netflix and Amazon have made a string of original TV shows many meeting with high critical acclaim showing us that traditional weekly screenings ‘on the box’ could be a thing of the past. With so much content available now it can be a bit overwhelming but Fizz TV makes sure you know what’s worth switching on for and what’s worth your time. We investigate the plot, the cast and the potential so you can make your viewing decisions with ease. Of course we also find out the gossip too, especially if there’s a controversial storyline coming up or a disgruntled actor piping up!