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Get your daily celeb fix for the very latest news and gossip on the hottest A-Z listers out there. Let’s face it all kinds of celebs are fascinating whether they’re famous for just being famous like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton or whether we love them for their awe-inspiring talent like Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. We love them all and worship the cult of celebrity which means we will bring you all the juicy gossip covering topics like celebrity daughters and stories on what happens when celebrity goes bad! We’re also not afraid to delve into the lesser-known celeb cults because we’re addicted to the cutting edge of entertainment. So if you like to know about the up-and-coming stars like Bates’ Motel’s Freddie Highmore and Olivia Cooke, you’ll love FizzCelebrity. We’re into celebs in a massive way and we want to bring the latest celebrity culture to your fingertips. Nothing is too big or too small, we even celebrate those characters that have gained celeb status even though they aren’t even real people, our fave being Lara Croft of course! We keep an eye out for fascinating stories and LOL stuff leaving no stone unturned in celebrity life. If it’s worth knowing, then our Fizz investigators will get the 211.