Fizz Animals

Here at Fizzdot we love our furry friends! Did you know that our fascination with animals is almost universal? Since humans set foot on the earth, we have been obsessed with other creatures - that’s why cavemen drew such elaborate artwork of our four-legged friends to decorate their caves! Since then we have built zoos to observe them, created charities to protect them and continued to keep them as loving companions. This is a celebration of the dizzying world of animal life including the cute to the scary; the weird to the wonderful; the magnificent to the miniature and everything in between! Animals also bring us the ‘feel-good’ factor. Yes, that’s right science has proven that animals actually make us happy. At Fizzdot we love cheering people up and that’s why we bring you the best of animal life straight to your screens. Why not delight in our stories about all kinds of animals in our fun and fluffy articles. You will find dogs with crazy clothes, birds that are bigger than dinosaurs, and many heart-warming tales with our furry friends at the center. We will bring you animals that are so cute you’ll scream with joy and animals that are up to so much mischief you will roll on the floor laughing! So whether it’s man’s best friend that tickles your fancy or if you’re the type who is fascinated by real-life alien sea life, we’ve got it covered!