Bacon That’s HEALTHIER Than Kale: Is This Real?


Science Wins Again! Oregon State Researchers Discover Bacon Seaweed

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So this is it, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Do you hear a Hallelujah chorus?

Chris Langdon, a member of the research team, says they started growing the new strain of BACON seaweed (I can’t believe this, can you?) while trying to find a good source of food for abalone, aka edible sea snails. Abalone is a very popular food item in many parts of Asia. But it ain’t bacon.

This strain of seaweed is a new type of red algae that usually grows along the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.

But now, they’re developing it as a food item. Get ready, because this is what you’ve all been waiting for: healthy food that tastes like bacon! AND, it’s got twice the nutritional value of kale. Plus, it grows really quickly.

There’s definitely a market for this. Whip out those frying pans, and get ready for a sustainable food that tastes super awesome and is gonna help you live, like, forevah. We may not even need to resort to Soylent Green!

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