A Decade of Britain’s Got Talent!

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This year the nation of the United Kingdom celebrates 10 years of the reality TV show, Britain’s Got Talent. With the first episode of the season aired on April 9, 2016 receiving higher viewing figures than the final of The Voice it seems to safe to say that BGT is Britain’s favorite talent competition. Fizzdot takes a peak at this years top-tipped starlet and reflects back on the BGT phenomenon and reminds the world why it’s so successful.

Source: Tellymix
Source: Tellymix

What to Expect This Year

The judging lineup is the same as last year with returning judges, Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden taking the panel along with the golden buzzer. The golden buzzer can only be pressed one time per panel member but will mean that when it is pressed for an act, they go straight through to the semis, no questions asked!

This weekend saw Amanda Holden jump for the golden buzzer after thirteen year old Beau Dermott gave a dazzling performance of Defying Gravity from the musical, Wicked.

Car Crash Acts from the Past

Britain’s Got Talent has brought excellent acts into our lives some of whom have achieved worldwide notoriety, like Susan Boyle and Paul Potts but they’ve also brought us some of the most peculiar and strange along with the downright rubbish! Here’s our pick of the worst three!

The Fizz Runners Up:

Rachel: Not only was she hugely untalented, Rachel also seemed like a bit of a psychopath. Watch her audition here to see for yourselves.

The Cheeky Girls: Transylvanian twins performed their own music in a bizarre routine that ended up getting them a record deal!

Fizz Winner of the Worst Act Ever!

The Singing Souls: this cute trio were so awful Cowell said “one of the worst groups I’ve ever heard in my life…like three cats being dragged up the motorway.” Don’t believe us? Listen here but be warned your ears may never recover.

Ten Years of Winners: Where are they now?

2007: Paul Potts

In 2007, a 37 year old Carphone Warehouse manager auditioned for the first ever series of Britain’s Got Talent and overwhelmed the panel of judges, the live audience and the viewers at home with his outstanding voice. His rendition of Nessun Dorma revealed his hidden talent as an amateur opera singer and set him on a path that led to the ultimate victory. After winning BGT Potts has released four albums and in 2013 had his life made into a movie starring James Cordon. He’s proven to popular across the world to this day!

2008: George Sampson

Little George was an all-dancing schoolboy sensation who got all the way to the semis in series one but didn’t make it to the end. At only 14 years old he gave some of the most inventive street dance performances the show had seen which led to him being crowned the winner in 2008. Since then he’s done loads including endorsement deals with NatWest Bank, musical theater credits and a very successful acting career. He’s also a bit of a philanthropist and uses his celebrity through social media to help good causes.

2009: Diversity

Diversity’s win in 2009 solidified the knowledge that Brits love streetdance. This ensemble group strutted their way to victory with sharp and sensational routines that told a story as well as entertained viewers with their dance skills. They even beat the favorite, Susan Boyle to the top spot. They’ve been super successful ever since and even represented Britain for the Olympics by carrying the torch in the relay.

2010: Spelbound

Spelbound continued the trend for energetic dance groups as Britain’s favorite type of act but this time in 2010 the nation was mesmerized with the acrobatic genius of a troupe that created magic right before our eyes. Since winning, the group has changed the line-up a few times but some of the members have had highly successful acrobatic gymnastic careers with Elise Mathews, Georgia Lancaster and Millie Spalding taking group gold at the world championships.

2011: Jai McDowell

Things went a little pear shaped for BGT in 2011 with the singing sensation Jai McDowall taking the prize. However, the nation’s interest dwindled rapidly and whilst the singer-songwriter still continued to release music, nothing has received much attention. The main thing he is remembered for is a feud with Simon Cowell when he was dropped from the music mogul’s record label, Syco after disappointing sales of his first album.

2012: Ashleigh and Pudsey

Thankfully, BGT recovered the following year bringing Ashleigh and her dancing dog, Pudsey to our screens. Not only did Pudsey win the nation’s hearts, she finally gave Cowell what he was looking for: a dancing dog and during the audition almost brought him to tears! Pudsey  has done super well ever since and even has a movie!

2013: Attraction

Attraction bought interpretive movement, storytelling and a modern twist on the ‘smoke and mirrors’ Victorian illusionists to bring us tales of love, war and tragedy that captured the human experience so perfectly no one in Britain cared that they were in fact from Hungary.  They have had continued success creating a special routine for China’s 2014 New Year gala and writing stories that have appeared on TV adverts.

2014: Collabro

Collabro made the whole of Britain sit up and listen when they bellowed out the most beautiful interpretation of Bring Him Home from Les Miserable showing us not the judge on appearances. We all thought they were just another boyband but they turned out to be something entirely different and for that they won our hearts and the show. They’ve done brilliantly in the charts with multiple albums and sell-out tours.

2015: Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse

Last year brought another dancing dog to our screens with Cruft-winners, Jules and her hound, Matisse. After performing a beautiful storied routine which involved Matisse stealing sausages from the butcher to give to his three-legged friend, the nation was gripped and they stole the show. Some controversy surrounded the revelation that a stunt-double was used for the high wire scene because dear Matisse is afraid of heights but this was quickly quelled as it just made him even more adorable! Plans in the pipeline include  a remake of the popular 90s kids show, Woof! Where a boy and his dog have amazing adventures. We can’t wait!

Has Britain Got Talent?

Here at Fizzdot we think BGT is the show to beat for talent. We’re super psyched to see what’s going to happen this year and can’t wait to see what last year’s winners, Jules and Matisse bring us when the Live shows start and they return to our screens.

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