40 Prom Dresses to make you Cringe!

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Prom is meant to be a time to dress up and feel amazing. For the girls, it’s the night you get to a fairytale princess and for the guys, you get to be the dashing Prince Charming. However, not all prom dresses are made equal and some are so bad they will make you cringe!

1. Tight Squeeze

There are many reasons why you should wear a properly fitting dress, especially your prom dress.

Source: viralmoon
Source: viralmoon

And this picture covers all of those reasons! Whilst showing a bit of cleavage is totally cool and accenting your assets to show off your natural shape, the space where those bad boys are meant to go needs to be the right size to avoid side, top and general boob spillage. The cut out back just makes this whole look even worse as everything is way too tight.

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