25 Spring Break Pictures They Wished Were Never Taken


Spring Break is a time for the youth of today to let off steam and have fun after the intensity of college exams but it often goes too far. I’m sure each and every one of them woke up and wished they’d behaved a bit better. Unfortunately for some, their antics were captured on camera and now you can see what college guys and ladies get up to when their exams are over.

1.Bursting Boobs

It’s always a good idea to ensure your bikini top actually fits the size of your bust to avoid creating ‘double tit’ syndrome.

majorten springbreak 1

If your boobs don’t fit inside the bikini then it’s too small and not cool. Even if you think it makes your boobs look bigger and better you need to get this stupidity out of your head. Girls take a lesson and make your you check that your boobs are in and that your bikini top is the right size.

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