11 Secret Hideaways of the Super Rich


Places you’ve never heard of… because you’re not a BILLIONAIRE.

1. Ronkonkoma, New York

The super-rich are different, it’s true. Just luxury isn’t enough. They need exclusive, limited edition, and they aren’t keeping up with the Joneses, they’re keeping up with Bill Gates. Most of us have heard of the typical luxe areas for the wealthier among us: LA, London, Tokyo, Moscow, Monaco… but here are some of the more off-the-radar places you’ll find billionaires. They come here to live, to play, and to buy fabulously priced toys. And they’re not a total secret, but not many of us regular people really know where they are or what’s going on in these hush-hush hideaways.

This place in New York State with the funny name is where the massively affluent come to get their jets customized, at International Jet Interiors, a business built to cater to that super rich clientele. Some of the biggest CEOs and celebrity names have visited their top designer, Eric Roth, to get their jets customized. If you want gold-plated interiors studded with diamonds and Swarovski crystals, or a bathroom like the Sultan of Brunei, Eric Roth at IJI can get you set up.

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